Friday, February 18, 2011

Personal Finance | 4 Step Plan Your Investment

Today, too many types of investments that exist either offered by the Bank or offered by certain companies.
This program also includes the investment and get rich quick scheme.

However, tips and guidance I would give this had nothing to do with rich-quick scheme, but it is associated with a number of steps to plan your investments more efficiently and reduce the risk of loss.

Here are four steps are:

Before you decide to invest in any type of investment, first make sure you investigate and identify the level of risk you can face. Each investor does not have different levels of risk.

In general, there are three types of risks, namely Low, Medium and High. So, you are in the category in which one?

I classify the level of risk to the value of investments as follows:

a) Low risk > 80:20
b) Moderate risk > 50:50
c) High risk > 30:70

For example, suppose you are a low-profile investor, your investment is the ratio of 80:20.

Sense here is, if you have savings of $10,000, then you can only invest 20% of it and the remaining 80% left in the bank.

Once you know the level of risk could you face, you can now choose any investment you like. BUT, before that you must have made a study and find out more about the investment.

Information you need to get is:

a) Prospectus of the investment.
b) Where money is invested.
c) How it is managed.
d) What kind of benefits granted to investors either in the form of dividends or bonus units.
e) If you are a Muslim investors, ensure that the investment fund has a panel of sharia.
f) The investment fund's performance in previous years (however, past performance should not be used as benchmarks and guidelines for the performance of the current year)

If all the positive and convincing, then you are welcome to invest in investment funds.

Even if you invest in an investment fund that was great, but you are not encouraged at all to invest in a type / form of investment. This is to prevent you from getting a big loss as the market for such investments are having problems and the inability of a sudden.

It is always best to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in some forms of investment such as fixed deposit (FD), Unit Trust, gold, stocks, bonds and sukuk.

At this point, you probably already have some form of investment as a result of diversification of investments in the third step above.

The next step is to make regular monitoring of each investment you make. Without monitoring, you may face a risk of loss resulting from changes in global economic trends, sudden actions of investment managers, changes in laws and the National Bank.

So, when you do the monitoring, indirectly you can act and decide in advance on all the investments you have.

I hope these tips provided to help you plan your investment better.

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